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Place a moratorium on zoning changes within Montvale NJ.

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Dear Residents,

Time is of the essence.  It is NOT too late to make the Mayor and Council listen!

The Montvale Mayor and Council are currently considering making changes to the borough’s master plan that will allow for our corporate spaces to be rezoned retail and residential. 

These zoning changes will have an enormous ADVERSE effect on our infrastructure and available resources (e.g. increased traffic and delays on unwalkable roads; increased demand on emergency services; increased demand for classroom space and instructional personnel at our schools; reduced open space). 

It is our understanding that the Montvale Mayor and Council will be hearing a resolution on these proposed changes at their meeting on Tuesday, April 25, 2017. If we do not act quickly, there will be no way to stop the development that will follow!

Residents are asked to sign this petition in support of the following measures:

  1. Placing a moratorium on zoning changes within the town of Montvale until we have been able to develop a full understanding of the impact the Wegmans will have on our infrastructure.
  2. State Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi’s, R - River Vale, bills that seek to halt litigation related to affordable-housing throughout the state while a commission determines each town's true housing obligation.  These bills are currently before the State’s Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee:
  • A4666 – urges a freeze on all affordable-housing litigation through the end of the year.
  • A companion bill – A4667 – calls for establishing a bipartisan Affordable Housing Obligation Study Commission that would be composed of professionals and elected officials to determine each town's affordable-housing obligations.

Additional proposed legislation includes: 

  • Exclusion of flood-prone properties from a town's vacant land analysis, which considers properties that could be developed for affordable housing.
  • Creation of a "population base cap" to prevent the probability of a development that would increase a town's population by more than 5 percent.
  • Exclusion of recently closed office campuses from builder's remedy lawsuits and from vacant land analyses to afford a town the time to plan adequately for those campuses.
  • Increase the number of age-restricted units, which would help reverse the trend of seniors leaving the state because they can no longer afford to live in it.

Thank you for your support!

 Concerned Residents of Montvale

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