SAVE Templars Tennis club in St Andrews Rd NW11 0PJ from being Sold & developed into Flats

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Formed in 1923 and located at St Andrews Road London NW11 0PJ, has been run as a member’s only club.

Unfortunately for the last few years it has been run very poorly to discouraged new memberships.

This is most likely to have justification in having the land sold to be developed into Flats.

The original Club rules were for the club to never be sold but as chairmen’s have changed so have these rules.

The current members will all receive a payout from the price the club is sold.

The Club has been listed with Savills for sale and indicated for the development of 52 Flats. (please see link below)

Not only will this cause disruption, congestion, inconvenience, but we will be losing an iconic green space of NW11.

If you care about British tennis, green space and are sick and tired of developers ruining lovely areas please support this petition and sign.

Link below:,%20St%20Andrews%20Road,%20London%20NW11%200PJ%20-%20Brochure.pdf