Petitioning Representative Lucille Roybal-Allard and 34 others

Help stop illegal street racing in Los Angeles by providing a legal track.

Illegal street races are notorious for being extremely dangerous, poorly controlled and randomly organized. They also operate with a minimum of rules and safety measures. New communicative technology such as web sites, cell phones and underground publications as well as a new generation with more free time, financial resources and a passion for speed has significantly heightened the risk for participants, bystanders and the general public.

The National and International Brotherhood of Street Racers' Project Street Legal - Terminal Island Raceway is a movement to try and reduce illegal street racing in the Los Angeles area by providing a legal, economically feasible to young racers, track on Terminal Island (Port of Los Angeles).

Click here to learn about the history of Big Willie Robinson and The National and International Brotherhood of Street Racers on Terminal Island.

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Representative
    Lucille Roybal-Allard
  • Councilman for Council District 5
    Paul Koretz
  • Councilwoman for Council District 6
    Nury Martinez
  • Councilman for Council District 7
    Felipe Fuentes
  • Councilman for Council District 9
    Curren D. Price, Jr.
  • Councilman for Council District 12
    Mitchell Englander
  • Councilman for Council District 13
    Mitch O'Farrell
  • District Attorney
    Jackie Lacey
  • Department of Neighborhood Empowerment
    Grayce Liu
  • Councilman
    Mike Bonin
  • Los Angeles City Council President - Councilman for Council District 10
    Herb Wesson
  • Los Angeles Harbor Commission President
    Ambassador Vilma Martinez
  • Los Angeles Harbor Commission Vice-President
    David Arian
  • Los Angeles Harbor Commissioner
    Patricia Castellanos
  • Los Angeles Harbor Commissioner
    Edward Renwick
  • Los Angeles Harbor Commissioner
    Anthony Pirozzi, Jr
  • Councilman for Council District 4
    David E. Ryu
  • Councilman for Council District 3
    Bob Blumenfield
  • Representative
    Maxine Waters
  • Representative
    Janice Hahn
  • Representative
    Ted Lieu
  • Representative
    Karen Bass
  • U.S. House of Representatives
  • California State House
  • California State Senate
  • Los Angeles City Attorney
    Mike Feuer
  • Los Angeles Mayor
    Eric Garcetti
  • Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department
    Charlie Beck
  • Councilman for Council District 15
    Joe Buscaino
  • Councilman for Council District 8
    Bernard C. Parks
  • Councilman for Council District 14
    Jose Huizar
  • Councilman for Council District 1
    Gilbert Cedillo
  • Councilman for Council District 2
    Paul Krekorian
  • Chief of the Los Angeles Fire Department
    Ralph Terrazas (Chief of the Los Angeles Fire Department)
  • State Senator
    Isadore Hall

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