RMCP OFF Wet'suwet'en Land!

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WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND THE RCMP STAND DOWN AND LEAVE WET'SUWET'EN LANDS. No more will we watch this beautiful land be taken advantage of and its people treated in inhuman, unjust and illegal ways. We must act NOW to change the horrifying mistakes that have been made and to stand up for what we know is right! With strength and courage we will unite to continue to speak our voice putting all eyes on WET'SUWET'EN and the actions of the government. Together brother and sister we will NOT be Silenced as we demand a new legacy of peace and respect for Indigenous peoples and their choices for their home land. This message demands an end to ALL forms of invasion and an end to the pipeline!! You are in violation of the very laws you have implemented and the people you have sworn to protect the hypocrisy is unbelievable and beyond disappointing.


We the people are putting pressure on you JUSTIN TRUDEAU, MIKE FARNWORTH, SCOTT FRASER and JOHN HORGAN and all those in the parliaments all across Canada its time to step up and do something! Hear us loud, far and wide...there is still hope... it is only beginning. 


If you feel inspired to you can contact the 4 below to express your thoughts. Feel free to copy and past the text above to use in your email!!

1. Mike Farnworth- BC government role- Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General       email -  mike.farnworth.MLA@leg.bc.ca                                                 or call (250) 356-2178 or  (604) 927-2088

2. Scott Fraser- BC Government role- Indigenous relations and reconciliation                        email-    ABR.Minister@gov.bc.ca

3. John Horgan- BC government role - Premier of BC                                                             email-  john.horgan.mla@leg.bc.ca                                                                    or call (250) 387-1715 or (250) 391-2801

4. Justin Trudeau- prime minister of Canada                                                                           email- https://pm.gc.ca/en/connect/contact