Crawford Executive Clemency

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  • Keane Alexander Crawford merits executive clemency, in the form of pardon or commutation of sentence, because his conviction was obtained in violation of his Constitutional Fair Trial rights. Alaska's appellate courts have failed to correct or address these errors and executive clemency is the only remaining state law means to reverse the miscarriage of justice in this case.
  • Of the constitutional violations committed by trial court judge Eric Aarseth & state prosecutor John Skidmore the following 3 were the most striking and egregious:
  • 1)Under the law at the time of Crawford's case(prior to the Stand Your Ground bill) there was still no duty to retreat if acting in defense of children or family members. Even though Crawford's 3 young sons(3,4,&5yo) were standing directly behind him as the attacker approached & Crawford had told the police that he feared for his children's safety, Crawford was forbidden from arguing to the jury about his fear for his children & the jury was erroneously instructed that Crawford was required to retreat rather than use force. See Habeus Petition, p71-79
  • 2)Crawford was denied the right to call 2 eye-witnesses in support of his defense. The Alaska Court of Appeals found both denials to be constitutional errors, but then declared them to be "harmless", even though both witnesses had given police statements favoring Crawford's version of events. See Habeas Petition, p20-52, 67-69
  • 3)Crawford was denied the funding to call a medical expert witness to describe the effects of the strangulation on him moments before the shooting. The Alaska Court of Appeals never ruled on Crawford's right to the funding, and instead found that Crawford never "properly raised" the issue. The court then omitted pages (several days worth) of transcripts showing that Crawford had repeatedly raised the issue.See Habeas Petition, p86-96
  • The Habeas Corpus Petition can be viewed at this link: Keane Crawford Habeus Corpus Petition

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