Free Devontae Perry, Unlawful Imprisonment, Mistaken Identity, Miscarriage of Justice.

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This petition was made to gain the support for Devontae Dayshawn Perry he was out with friends on the night of December 13th, 2017 on the 9100 block of Boleyn, when an orange 2008 jeep patriot truck pulled up and one of the young men pulls a gun out fires a shot, one of my his friend pulls his gun out and fires a shot and the bullets hits one of the young men who died everybody took off running and the blame was put on him the so called friends of the young men testified and lied, they all told different stories one of the young men that testified wasn't even present when this incident took place. Devontae was the only one arrested when him and his two friends should of been in police custody one of his friend drove them away from the scene of the crime he should be arrested as well and the actual shooter is already in police custody he for a quadruple homicide down in Tennessee but has denied any involvement of that night. Devontae was sentenced to life in prison without parole on charges of first-degree murder, felony murder, armed robbery, felony firearm and possession of a firearm by a felon. Devontae is in no way shape or form no killer, he didn't have to rob anybody he had two jobs at the time, plus he doesn't even smoke or drink, he has a heart of gold and will give you the shirt right off his back as well as being real family oriented. Everybody that witnessed this murder is afraid to come forward and Devontae's lawyer did not do a good job at all, nor did he have a fair trial and was rushed, no real trial with a situation like this shouldn't be six days long especially without physical evidence there were no shell casings, no murder weapon, and forensics did DNA test his clothes but they came back clean there was no gunshot residue or blood. During trial he wasn't able to testify nor did his lawyer subpoena witnesses like he was supposed to. its so many innocent people that are sent to prison for a crime they did not commit as well as a facing the death penalty. its not fair that they went off his prior arrest record and also found an old photo from 2015 of him holding a gun when he was still a teenager they are trying to say that the gun he was holding in the photo was the same gun described by one of the witnesses. Two of the witnesses skipped out on court dates and were arrested, one of the men who testified were under the influence these young men are incompetent and shouldn't of never been allowed to testify, they pop pills and do other heavy drugs. Since then they have switched the blame off of Devontae and switched it to another guy, its not right at all they need to be punished as well. Also, one of the articles from the Detroit Newspaper says the suspect was 5'7, muscular and Devontae is 6'0, lightskin and skinny, also this is mistaken identity. I understand the pain for the other family and i am deeply sorry for their loss but they have the wrong person. His family and I are asking for all the help and support we can get just put yourself in our shoes and please try to sympathize with us thank you.