Post season curfew variance for bars in Ohio.

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Dear Governor Dewine,

My name is Dan Budreo, owner of Craggy Bogland's Pub in Willoughby, Ohio.   I am a husband, father, taxpayer, and job provider.  I implore you to allow a varience to bars and restaurants to be open until midnight for prime time post season games.

Countless bars and restaurants and the 100's of thousands of staff who are employed at them will lose untold sums of income.  In addition the state will lose millions in revenue. 

Though the covid-19 pandemic is a very real threat to Ohioans, there is no substantive evidence that the spread throughout Ohio is connected to our industry.   Since the implementation of the curfew case numbers have risen as financial stability in our industry has weakened.  

Not only will so many businesses lose out on revenue, but this state will see a substantial uptick in house parties where there will be no social distancing nor masks.  You continue to note the impact that private gatherings have on the spread of covid-19.  This is an opportunity to mitigate that spread.

We the people of Ohio ask you and your staff to take a realistic look at the impact the 10 pm curfew will have on not only the bars and restaurants in the great state of Ohio, but also the unintended consequences of not allowing people to responsibly gather in socially distanced establishments.