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As many of you know today we received an email stating the dates of our condensed Christmas Break and a notification that our February Reading Week will now be cancelled. This is one of the ways the strike is punishing students and it affects students in several ways. 

The Mental Health of students is very important and I feel that our Mental Health is not being considered in the plan of having to make up time for this strike. The strike is not the fault of the students and I feel that we are entitled to our two Reading Weeks one each in the Fall and Winter terms. Reading Week is a week of students to take a break, get caught up on school work, visit friends and family, and look after themselves, self care. Without a Reading Week  our education will be at risk, and our marks will decrease as students will be under an extreme amount of stress. I know that counselling services are available to students, but I do not feel that counselling alone will be enough to reduce the stress that is being put on students during this stressful time, and that will be placed on students once classes are back in session and lost time is being made up at an increasing speed. Also with Winter fast approaching, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) will fall upon the lives of many people, including students, having February Reading Week is an especially important break for those with SAD to having.

Employment is a part of a university student’s life, having a job during the school year and summer is how students can afford to attend university and live. With a condensed Christmas Break and no February Reading Week many students will not be able to work, which in turn means they will not have the money to afford to pay Tuition Fees, pay rent and utilities, purchase groceries, and afford the multitude of other costs of living. 

If Nipissing Students lose the February Reading Week we will lose the opportunity to continue to make a living to afford university, our marks will decrease as our stress and anxiety increase, our Mental Health will be at stake, as well as our physical health, and any plans that have already been made will have to be cancelled. Please sign and share this petition to get our February Reading Week back, to ensure the health and well being of Nipissing Students is first and foremost in consideration for the remainder of the school year.  

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