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A Safe Crossing on the A217 near the top of Burgh Wood!

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The A217 near the top of Burgh Wood in Banstead needs a crossing. Hundreds of people cross dangerously every day at this point, many of which are children from the local schools because it is too far to walk, to the nearest crossing for little legs or for the elderly. 

There is no other way to enter Banstead town centre for us to take our children to school safely. Driving is not an option as there is not enough parking. In fact many parents from Banstead Infants and Juniors drive to the Nork roads to park up and then cross here. The Horseshoe in Banstead near the schools have sensibly had the pavements widened for safety but now there is even less parking.

We are constantly being encouraged to walk to school but this is not a safe option, yet I have crossed here each school day for the last 7 years and will continue to do so for the next 7 years until my youngest finishes at our most local Junior school.

Seven years ago I wrote to the local residents association to ask if anything could be done. I was told there needed to be more fatalities before the criteria would be ticked to push for a crossing so they could not pursue my request for help. I wonder which of my 4 children the council would like to see dead before they feel a crossing is needed.

I have stood in the middle of the A217 after crossing half way and heard a crash behind us to turn and see a coach having crashed into a car just where we had been standing...Isn't that close enough. This is just one of many close misses I know people have experienced here.

I would like the council to please take this serious at last. There is space for a bridge or traffic lights...either of these would be amazing.

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