Tell Sainsbury's and all markets to skip plastic on corn on the cob, and leave the husk!

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Plastic is a huge problem, destroying our planet and endangering sea life and wildlife. Tell Sainsbury's and all markets to get rid of unnecessary plastics. One start is: LEAVE CORN ON THE COB ON THE HUSK. It's in it's own 'wrapper', like bananas or oranges. It has a longer shelf life, tastes much better when the husk is shucked at home ready for cooking, and doesn't have that awful build up of nasty milky starch under plastic wrap! Imagine the vast amount of plastic the planet would be free of, for just that one small change! Imagine corn bought in it's natural state! We cannot 'see through' a banana or an orange and yet are fine with that--so why shouldn't corn be the same? Many places have sold it this way for decades--we should too. The environment would be so much happier! PLEASE BUY CORN ON THE COB IN ITS NATURAL STATE AND SAVE THE PLANET FROM PLASTIC! Tell the markets in the UK to STOP, starting with Mike Coupe, at Sainsbury's.