No second Sainsbury's on Blackstock Road

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We call on Sainsbury's CEO Mike Coupe to call off the company's attempt to force open a second store on Blackstock Road, Highbury.

This is your FOURTH attempt to do this, despite a significant community campaign, over 300 official objections and three planning refusals. You are putting profit before social responsibility.

A second Sainsbury's will:

  • Threaten the sustainability of our local high street, by undermining our independent shops. The current Blackstock Rd Sainsburys is 600m from the new site
  • Increase illegal levels of air pollution in the Blackstock Road area - which includes four local primaries and two nurseries - because of delivery lorries
  • Make Blackstock Road a harder and less safe place to navigate for children, pedestrians, cyclists and disabled people by taking away pavement and road space for a loading bay (contra to the mayor's transport strategy)

Please Sainsbury's, do the right thing for our public health and community cohesion.