Petition for the National Institute of Health to Increase Funding for Gene Therapy

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The NIH (National Institute of Health) needs to increase funding for gene therapy research, so that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) can approve it and open it to the public in a quicker time period than the average approval time, which can take up to twenty years. According to the National Cancer Institute in 2018, an estimated 1,735,350 people have been diagnosed with cancer. Just seven months into the year, an estimated 609,640 people have passed away from cancer. Currently oncologist treat cancer with the toxic chemotherapy. Chemotherapy has numerous negative side effects. Altering genes to be reintroduced or removing genes as a form of eradicating cancer falls under the term, gene therapy. This therapy prevents the genetic disease from infecting the cells, so it can never be expressed. Currently, scientists conduct trials and test experiments to validate gene transfer, a branch within gene therapy, in hopes of approval from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Lack of approval limits the amount of patients that can be treated. It also means that rates to receive the treatment exceed what most people can afford. Every day that we delay the approval of gene transfer, another person gets added to the 1,735,350 already fighting for their lives.