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Ask Representative Mike Coffman to Support HR1405 and End Veteran Deportation

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Dear Congressman Coffman,

We, a group made up of your constituents as well as men and women who, like you, have stood in service of our nation abroad, are greatly troubled by the revelation that our fellow veterans are being deported from the country they swore to protect. Truthfully, we find it unfathomable that this could have ever taken place at all.

You spent multiple stints in Iraq, so we needn’t tell you of not only the commitment our warrior class have made to promoting American ideals, but also the struggle that they face when they come home. Thanks to swift action by members of Congress such as yourself, veterans’ reintegration and rehabilitation systems have come leaps and bounds in terms of care - but the fact remains that many veterans have fallen through the cracks. We firmly believe that no matter how dark the place or how dire their situation, there is no reason for the United States of America to abandon and discard its veterans, our fighting brothers and sisters, to a foreign land.

Congressman Coffman, we are pleased to see your and your colleagues' demonstrable care and concern for veterans, as you have introduced the Veteran Urgent Access to Mental Healthcare Act and the Veterans Treatment Court Improvement Act of 2017. As with other issues that you have identified and promptly addressed, the deportation of veterans is an immediate situation that is happening right now, one which needs to be resolved resolutely and wholly. Our nation cannot be one which turns its back on any veteran—not a single one.

Please cosponsor HR1405: The Veterans Visa and Protection Act of 2017. This is our opportunity to do right by our fellow veterans; people who love this country, who swore an oath to protect a land that they had grown to call home. They are veterans of the United States Military, and they belong in the United States.


Daniel Zarnowski, Denver, Co - USN
Travis Weiner, Boulder, Co - USA
Kevin McEntee, Colorado Springs, Co - USN
Alexander Heaton, Chicago, Il - USMC
Timothy Forero, Los Angeles, Ca - USMC
Jacob Schultz, Milwaukee, Wi - USA
Shari Franey, Portland, Or - USN
Marcus Walton, Panama City Beach, Fl - USMC
Joshua Iglesias, New Brunswick, NJ - USMC

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