Lets Keep The Police Chopper in Christchurch

0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!

Do we sign a petition to say good bye to law and order from the air?

Do we keep the Eagle Helicopter to help make our city safer?

Safer not only for the people fleeing police but police as well. 

Safer communities. The Eagles advantages are:

Assisting Police on the ground giving extra security.

Helping against violence.

Helping keep ground forces up to date on fleeing motorists, and people trying to avoid arrest on feet.

Can check a situation out and keep Pas-suing Cruisers up to date if court in traffic. 

Can relay a dangerous situation to ground crew of a terrorist in the area or some one acting in a threatening manor some where.

Watching our highways for crashes and speeding cars trucks etc.

In general watching over the Community of Christchurch and surrounding districts in the future in the aid of a better place to live. 

If we can survive earth quakes we can put up with a chopper flying over. 

I thought if any one was going to protest it would of been the Veterans who fought overseas.

This is more dramatizing to them and they also knew that with choppers it was knowing that they be able to get home or given some long awaited air cover.

Public will say it is totally different and maybe it is true but I would rather keep my stuff rather than someone taking it from me. If this chopper can spot these people and recover my gear I say keep the chopper.

Please put your name to this if you agree.