Stop the Unsafe Streets Project on Venice Blvd.

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STOP the Great Street Project on Venice Blvd. in MAR VISTA

Petition to Councilman Mike Bonin, City of Los Angeles


We the undersigned stakeholders of Venice Blvd. - commuters, visitors, tourists, businesses, area residents, bicyclists, pedestrians and everyone else - strongly object to the removal of the car lanes on Venice Boulevard.

The removal of a lane on both sides of Venice Blvd. has Increased TRAFFIC exponentially on a Major street artery along the Westside. What was meant to create a safer street, promote alternate forms of transportation, and increase patronage for locally-owned businesses has actually resulted in the opposite.

It INCREASES traffic congestion, becomes a safety hazard due to confusion and drivers' impatience, causes drivers to search for alternate routes home and work, increases vehicle spillover into the residential neighborhood (which creates SAFETY HAZARDS for local residents and children), makes it difficult for LAFD and LAPD to respond quickly, and causes decreased support of businesses along Venice Blvd. as local residents choose alternate routes to avoid the gridlock that previously wasn't there.  

The residential streets are now thoroughfares because of this pilot project. The Waze app redirects drivers to use residential side streets to avoid the gridlock on Venice Blvd. With one less lane on Venice, the Waze app users will undoubtedly increase traffic 10x on the residential side streets. This is unacceptable.

Imagine this summer when crowds of non-area residents travel this major artery to go to the beach. Already a major congested street in the summertime, Venice Blvd. will become a nightmare!

Please sign if you support changing this imminent nightmare before It becomes permanent! 

Lisa Young Zullo
Los Angeles, CA

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