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Install Pedestrian Crossing Warning Lights at deadly Pacific Ave and Sunset Intersection.

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Man killed by car in crosswalk. Please contact our Venice Field Deputy.

There is a dead body on Pacific right now (10/25/17 11am). A man was crossing Pacific in the crosswalk at Sunset Ave. This is the eye witness account given to the police: Several cars were stopped in North and Southbound lanes to allow a man to use the crosswalk at Paloma Court. A Northbound car sped up and pulled around another car stopped at the crosswalk and hit the pedestrian crossing.

The driver was going fast enough that the pedestrian flew 30 feet. The body is still there. His flip flops are still in the crosswalk. As I'm sure everyone in the neighborhood knows this crosswalk is extremely dangerous. Yellow signs were recently installed to make it more visible. But there is no flashing yellow light to warn careless drivers like there is one block away on Main St and Paloma.

The current signs are clearly insufficient and now someone is dead. This person did not run out into the street, they were following every precaution waiting to make sure cars had stopped. A careless driver though they were merely avoiding a turning car. There was no flashing yellow crossing light that would have informed this distracted and careless driver that there was a person there. I asked the police what can be done to make this crosswalk safer with a pedestrian activated warning light like at Main St. a block away.

They said only city council could do that. Our council person is Mike Bonin. Taylor Bazley is his field deputy in charge of Venice. His number is 310-575-8461.

It's time for us to do something about this crosswalk.

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