Clean and Protect the Famous Venice Beach Handball Courts

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The four 3-wall handball courts located within the Venice Beach Recreation Center have had issues with homeless people living on them for years.  This has become exponentially worse during the pandemic.  The law clearly states that nobody is allowed to stay in the park after dark, yet this has never been enforced.  This has caused the actual users of the facility to have to clean them ourselves on a daily basis, even cleaning away urine and feces, obviously potential hazards to our health.  

These handball courts are so important to so many - the daily regular players, players from around the world, the tourists that love to watch the hard-fought matches, and all the models that use them for photo shoots.  Handball is fantastic exercise, enjoyed by young and old, and easy to learn.  The regulars are always teaching people how to play.  Our tournaments always draw many spectators.  

It is not fair that the paddle tennis courts (located only a few feet away) are currently being enjoyed as they are protected with fences and our beloved handball courts are not.  We ask the same: Protect our handball courts!  The solution can be as easy as building a fence around the courts and the bleachers, or a collapsible gate that stretches across the courts.