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Reverse your decision to issue a licence to Lend Lease that allows them to remove all the Emus from the former ADI Site at Penrith/St Marys.

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Dear Premier. In 1993 Western Sydney residents united to resist plans by Lend Lease to develop the Commonwealth owned Australian Defence Industries Site at St Marys. The 1535 hectare site had large areas of bushland of significant conservation value. The site was home to large numbers of Kangaroos and about 50 Emus. The Kangaroos and Emus were much loved by the local community. The Emus and Roos could be seen from the main local roads and they would visit the backyards of the houses in Cambridge Gardens and Werrington County/Downs that backed onto the ADI Site fence line. Many people fought the ADI Site development to ensure a future home for the Kangaroos and Emus.

Governments at all levels got this message loud and clear. It kept coming up in the thousands of submissions and letters opposing the Lend Lease development that people wanted the Emus and Kangaroos protected and retained on site. The NSW Government via its Ministers and Bureaucrats made verbal commitments to the public that this would happen. This commitment can be seen in the NSW Governments Plan of Management for the Wianamatta Regional Park which states retaining a sustainable population of Macrofauna is a 'Desired Outcome'. The St Marys Macrofauna Management Plan also echoes the community’s wishes by stating the vision for the Plan is for Emus and Kangaroos to be present on the ADI Site in the long term.

But now those commitments have been trashed. Your licence gives Lend Lease the green light to get rid of all the remaining Emus on the ADI Site. This is an appalling betrayal of the people of Sydney which were led to believe that the NSW Government was committed to retaining Emus and Kangaroos within the proposed 900 hectare Regional Park.

Lend Lease claim the Emus must be removed due to vandalism of the sites fences which allows them to escape and wander onto public roads. This argument is not good enough. The problem is that Lend Lease are developers not wildlife managers. It's through their mismanagement that there are issues with Emus at the ADI Site.

Let’s address a key issue: The National Parks and Wildlife Service is delaying taking ownership of the entire 900 hectare Regional Park. The 2002 St Marys Development Agreement states transfer of ownership from Lend Lease to the NSW Environment Minister must take place as soon as practical. Eleven years have passed and it appears that your NPWS is refusing to accept the entire 900 hectare into its management. To date it has only accepted about 63 hectares. So we have the entirely unacceptable situation of Lend Lease, a developer, managing native flora and fauna. It's a joke Minister.

The solution is twofold: First honour the commitment to the people of Sydney and rescind the licence given to Lend Lease and ensure the retention of the sites Emus. Second: fast track transferring ownership of the entire 900 hectare Regional Park to the NSW NPWS so that it is in the hands of conservation managers not developers.


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