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Don't Abandon Veterans Needs for help

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I could not have imagined the outpouring of experiences shared following the drafting of this petition.  Almost immediately I was contacted by numerous veterans who shared terrible experiences not one single person should be forced to endure.  One related the fact that he was denied the option of civilian care because the Veterans Administration had a policy at his location (although he felt it was nationwide) of denying the referrals necessary to obtain the very best of civilian physician care.  Yet another was forced to take months off work due to the refusal to perform a surgery with modern techniques versus the antiquated knife method.  Yet another shared how for eight years a man was diagnosed and treated for Alzheimer's but when he did not pass away the doctors re assessed him and found a far different diagnosis. 

Like those I am passionate about, I too am a veteran whose life has been shattered by line of duty injuries.  I could not possibly even walk without some form of pain management medications much less get out of bed daily.  Without mitigation of pain, I will ultimately die from a massive heart attack.  I am not alone. This is a chronic issue among veterans after years of combat, improvised explosives and combat injuries.  When you have severe damage to your body it is very common for pain to elevate blood pressure to the point where a heart attack or stroke in not only probable it is imminent.  In my case with absolutely no review of my records the Veterans Administration physician demanded the  pain management regimen cease immediately.  As I face certain death from the complications I pray for some a reprieve from the death sentence this imposes on myself and numerous others who gave the best they had for their country.  

Countless thousands of veterans are reliant on medication for relief of the pain of loosing limbs, being blown up, shot or as in my case a bridge fell on me shattering my spinal column causing a serious traumatic brain injury and life long daily severe migraines on top of twenty three  other  medical issues all inter related to my service.  Now with no consideration of any of my medical records like many other veterans, the VA hospitals have adopted a policy apparently of just stopping any and all forms of managing pain.  Seriously this is what I was told on my very first appointment.  Fourteen other highly qualified physicians and nearly twenty years of historical medical data have deemed this medication medically necessary in my case.The GI issues I experience  make the absorption of these medications very difficult for my system so larger than typical dosage must be prescribed.   Yet,  one VA doctor arbitrarily reverses these best in class doctors opinions without looking at one single page of the thousands in front of her. Is this the way responsible medicine is now practiced at the Veterans Administration?  This has literally given me a death sentence and that is an established fact in the medical records that were presented to her but not one single glance was offered those documents.  . 

Even more utterly shocking I was told that when I have chest pains, not if but when because it is medically established that I will, drive myself to Emergency Room of the VA chain of facilities that issued this incompetent statement.. (Mind you that is a bare minimum without traffic of two hours away across Houston Texas the fourth largest U.S. city by population) 

Unfortunately, I am only one of thousands that are in exactly the same situation due to some seeming bad apples along with the onerousness of the so called affordable care act that took many of the historic analgesics off the market by making the commercial feasibility a thing gone by.  We honestly need to stop this sheer panic attack over any and all pain management tools because we have destroyed these men and women's lives.  These are American Treasures and Heroes who deserve better than this death sentence for our service.  Please don't get me wrong. I am not bragging on myself rather my brave brothers and sisters in the same dire situation.

Not one single veteran I have ever known wants pity just the tools to maintain our lives and dignity.  We do not feel sorry for ourselves we just want our needs met.rather than another excuse to abandon us as is the norm for the VA and Congress. . It is really that simple.

A long time co-worker and oilfield industry professional I have long respected, Shaun, has informed me that even the special regulations signed by President Trump allowing civilian care is being undermined by VA hospital staff by them refusing to provide referrals required in the new regulation. Yet another instance of withholding the necessary care he and inevitably countless thousands of others now requires.

Please sign this petition to the White House and all members of Congress to stop the wholesale cessation of care to veterans. Demand that the systematic denial of care stop immediately.  Each patient is an individual with his or her own specific very individual needs.  Blanket regulations and restrictions are not practice of responsible medicine they are bureaucratic roadblocks to the care promised to American's fighting men and women.

In Agony,

Mike Rentfrow

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