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Save My Family Home&Stop NatWest Covering Up Mortgage Fraud On Their Miss Sold Mortgage!

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 I need the public's help please.

Hello, my Name is Maurice Rich. I am 71 yrs old man and I currently live in Cheshire with my sister and nephew as they care for me and as we are a family.

I was born without a thyroid gland so I have to take thyroxine on a daily basis. I need help from my sister and nephew here and there too. I lack confidence, I am hard of hearing but still no one talks to me, strangers talk about me as if I am not there.

I have asked my nephew to write on my behalf to reach out to the pubic as I need help, as everyone needs help from time to time.


I have had my life wrecked by one man, Lets call him Mr DV and two Banks (NatWest Bank and Black Horse) and now Mr DV, NatWest Bank and Black Horse is going to make me, my sister and my nephew homeless with the help and support of Eversheds Sutherland Solicitors. 

Unfortunately, when I pass away my sister and my nephew will be kicked out of our family home and made homeless and I do not want that to happen as it is our family home since 1961 and I love them.

Long Story Short

NatWest Bank and Black Horse stupidly approved two mortgages 2003 & 2007 to unemployed Mr DV. Mr DV had - 

No job - (HMRC Evidence)

No Career - (HMRC Evidence)

No Income - (HMRC Evidence)

And Mr DV used my disability income to pay both mortgages and Debts.

Natwest and Black Horse failed to do BASIC checks on mortgage application  –

Mr DV Identity's ?

Mr DV Previous names ?

Mr DV Past debts ?

Mr DV Previous addresses ?

Mr DV Job security ?

Mr DV Income ?

Mr DV Job?


Mortgage house inspector visit checks?

House occupants checks ?

House council tax checks ?

House electoral roll checks ?

Current residents checks ?

(And currently Mr DV is getting away with this right now) 

Mr DV -

1.  Fraudulently made up a false tenancy agreement to gain rent from Cheshire West County Council.

2.  Fraudulently signed my name and my sister's name on the tenancy agreement.

3.  Fraudulently signed my passport.

4.  Stole my disability income to pay for mortgages and debts.

I did not ask Mr DV to do this.

At present NatWest Bank and Black Horse are wanting to cover up their failings for giving a jobless man two mortgages.

I would like NatWest Bank and Black Horse to follow the correct procedures and make a complaint of mortgage fraud to Cheshire Police instead of covering up mortgage fraud and stop covering up their own failings and wrecking mine and my families life. 

I would like District Judge Gray or any Judge at St Helens County Court to talk to me as no one has done.

I would like District Judge Gray or any Judge to return my home to me and my family.

I would like District Judge Gray or any Judge to talk to my sister and my nephew so we can sort this mess out once and for all as it is getting out of hand and I/we would like answers why this mess has happened to me and my family.

I would like all my money back from NatWest bank and Black Horse and all the other 6 debt collectors that was falsely paid to NatWest Bank and Black Horse.

I am 71yrs old and I am tired and I need my family and the public the help me fight this before I pass away to stop NatWest Bank and Black Horse to stop covering up fraud and to achieve justice and to protect my family, my sister and my nephew.

No one is asking me anything, no one is talking to me and no one is acknowledging me and it is horrible.

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Thank you, Maurice Rich and my family.

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