Justice for laid off married women at Globacom (Gloworld)

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Globacom, one of the network providers in Nigeria on the March of 9th, 2018 laid off over 90 to 200 married women which was accentuated to by the Chairman, Mike Adenuga

No proper reason was given for them being laid off asides "Mike Adenuga doesn't want married women in Gloworld". These women, some who have worked at glo for over 10 years, were laid off with absolutely nothing in form of compensation for what they have done! They were used and thrown away with only one month salary in lieu which they promised to pay but have obviously failed to as usual. The women were then replaced with men, some of whom are said not to have merited the positions. This is a form of gender bias and discrimination, a violation of our constitution and the laws of the land granting these women a right to work and also a right not to be discriminated against.

Help me take action, so that this women will get the justice they so deserve.