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Mr. President, Tear Down the Walls! Design an industrious use of the Border.

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   I am Miguel Olivas. I am a natural born American Citizen. My family has lived in the Arizona region for eight generations. My forefathers defended the U.S. Constitution by honorably serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. I did not serve in the military. I did, however, work as a staff member at the U.S. House of Representatives and now work in the private sector as a consultant to private-for-profit corporations, not-for-profit organizations, and individuals, to assist with government processes. My family history is important because I do not want anyone to use my surname to confuse my interests with the interests of another nation’s. 

   I come now to Challenge President Donald Trump and the U.S. Congress to prove to the American people that their vision aligns with the values and the best interests of the American public. For too long the government has confused the economic interests and national security of our nation with that of other Nations. It is time the government rectify their mistakes by Condemning the Concept of a Wall along the U.S. and Mexican Border. It is time Congress and the President create Secure Economic Zones that promote

  1. Intergovernmental collaboration (U.S., Mexico, Native American Tribes);
  2. Job Creation; 
  3. Preservation of our National Security;
  4. Protecting the environment; and
  5. Establish sustainable economies.

   Historically, walls and the militarization of borders have not been an effective means to protecting borders or encouraging economic progress. From the Great Wall of China to the Iron Curtain and from the Berlin Wall to the U.S. borders, economic differences and/or political turmoil between neighboring states have led to substandard living conditions along the borders. Resident’s experience limited employment opportunities, increased criminal activity (human and drug trafficking), inadequate energy resources, and government intrusion in border life and commerce. 

   However, mutually productive interests in protecting border spaces around the world have worked.  Having commerce and intergovernmental cooperation have held borders firm and are beneficial for national interests. Private and public sectors hold a unique opportunity to solve those problems through the generation of green energy along the border from commercial solar, wind, tidal, and geothermal sources - Arizona is second in the world’s most solar intensive areas. Because of limited world sun impact, commercial vestment opportunities to build and operate such powerful continental resources are available in limited areas like as the U.S./Mexico border energy zone. 

   The balance of supply and demand is the greatest unsolved problem for the true industrialization of solar. The industry is unable to control the energy supply as it relates to natural forces. As a result, energy generation is at the impulse of these forces. With the vision to replace 90% of the fossil fuel combustion worldwide in 30 years, technological advances have changed the imbalance for all solar energy generation. Leading researchers have identified a recyclable energy transfer fluid and system that provides for the safe and efficient transfer of energy. The approach replaces the combustion of fossil fuels with a reusable energy transfer link between almost unlimited energy generation sources and stationary or mobile energy use. It provides a means to transport and distribute the energy supply when and where necessary to meet demand.

   Such opportunities are only possible with intergovernmental (local, state, federal, and tribal) and energy industry cooperation and reinforcement of goals.  The Secure Economic Zone (SEZ) model is an ideal movement towards a productive use of the U.S./Mexican border. It promotes public and private partnerships that generate sustainable businesses that directly affects the economy; sustains clean energy independence, secures the border; preserves the environment; and ultimately creates better living conditions for citizens of both countries. Join the petition to stop the promotion of a Wall. Your involvement will have a lasting impact that echos through the lives of generations to come. 

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