Stop the Cuban Government from killing the children!!!

Stop the Cuban Government from killing the children!!!

10 July 2021
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Started by Spencer FAULKNER

For years I have been hearing first hand of the oppression the Cuban Government forces on the people of Cuba while the Government and its workers and children eat and live like Kings and Queens compared to the majority of the Cuban people.

But when children and the elderly are dying in great numbers because of the Cuban Governments unwillingness or pride to accept International gifts of desperately needed life-saving medical supplies.. It puts the hairs on my back up.

Mia Khalifa, an adult industry performer has been trying to donate money towards helping with medicine but was stopped in her tracks because their is no obvious way to receive funds or gifts for medical care in Cuba. For years myself, I have been slowly cut off ways to send money to family members living in Havana, Cuba. The people struggle. A lot.

I know this as they get up at 5am to wait in ques up to 10 hours long for a packet of sausages or a dozen eggs. That is the norm.

But to deny the children and elderly of much needed medical supplies is more than a sin.. It's immoral, inhumane and criminal.

Please sign, share and spread this petition.

2 minutes of your life will save many lives.

Thank you for taking your time to read this petition until the end. You are appreciated.

Spencer Faulkner, Brisbane Australia. 


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Signatures: 13Next goal: 25
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