Depression: Suicide Prevention

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A lot of people suffer from depression and almost half of the population of the world has it. Having depression is a difficult problem because when you had it or feel it, it attacks the mind of that certain person and it will hurt the emotional capability and mental capability of the person. If this thing still continues, the person can hurt themselves physically. Committing an unwanted action such as suicide is not right and it is a very wrong move. Suicide is very common to the people who had depression and it is the most dangerous of all when depression attacks. It is uncontrollable because the mind thinks that the only way to end his or her problem is to end its life. Depression has no face and it does not pick time or place when it will attack you.

Depression is a case that is hard to solve. The meaning itself is like from a quote that is popular in this world and that is, “Don’t judge the book by its cover”. That is one common mistake that people actually does. Every one of us is experiencing depression. We all wore fake smiles everywhere or rather, everyday. Teenagers are the one who suffer depression much worse. Because depressed teens tend to be irritable, sulky, and get into trouble in school. And teenagers are one of the highest suicidal rates on the world. These people with depression need our help, they need someone who can they open up to in order to reduce the weight of problem they handle. They’re just afraid to seek help because they will feel that they are judged and be treated that their problems are just jokes. Those people who always do that thing like judging someone so easily and etc, needs a serious understanding. Let’s just say that people around the world are half insensitive but there are still sensitive people who care. Those people who care are the hope for our world and a hope for the depressed ones. We should start to be aware and be more understanding for are fellow friends that are depressed. We should create hope, not just for ourselves, but for others too.

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