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Petitioning The Migration Board in Sweden

Migration Board in Sweden: Let the ill 82-years old woman stay in Sweden with her only daughter

Nadezda has Leukemia and gets medication every day. She is 82 years old and has a number of diseases, some age related and some due a tough shingles (bältros) she had suffered during the summer of 2012.

Nadezdas only relatives, her daughter (Zinaida), her son-in-law (Anatoliy) and grandchild (Julia) live in Sweden since 1990. Nadezdas great grandchild is expected in March 2013.

The Swedish migration board has denied Nadezdas application to stay her last years in Sweden with her relatives. Swedish migration law considers relationship between mother and daughter not close enough to let her stay here. Swedish migration board says that the diseases Nadezd has are not deadly.

Nadezda has been taken care of by her daughter in her daughters house all the time.


Letter to
The Migration Board in Sweden
Let sick 82 years old woman stay in Sweden with her only daughter

Nadezda's only relatives, her daughter, her son-in-law and grandchild live in Sweden since 1990 and she used to visit them until she got leukemia (CLL). This decease made her very sensitive for every infection and she stayed in the hospital many times especially after travelling.
Her age, her illness and her only relatives in Sweden who could look after her made her to apply for permission to stay in Sweden. The Migration Board replied to this application negatively. They argued that the relation between Nadezda and her only daughter is not close enough and that her illness is not deadly.

Please raise your voice to defend our human rights.

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