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Leave internet Free & Open

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I know a lot of you are probably tired of the whole Net Neutrality fight between the those that want free open internet, and the greedy who want another way to increase the profit margins... but the fight continues!
(Sign and Share this, the Congressional Lawmakers need to know that we don't approve of crap happening for the sake of big businesses getting wealthier... as they crap on everyone else.)

These companies can't say there is no other reason for them to fight so hard to completely end free & open internet... other than to increase their profit, but they are trying (The FCC shouldn't be negotiating with them at all if all eligible voters in America are not a part of something that will affect the masses; that's BS).

One of the more recent arguments is that it will help disabled people. You heard that right... (take a second to let out a good old "WTF?!"), we'll wait. ......................  

Greed is stopping at nothing to piss on you and I (and based on reports... those specific lobbyist are powered by Verizon). They are arguing that the need for a fast-lane internet is essential for certain special services used by disabled people. That's 100% BS, there have been businesses running with net neutrality up, and have been using all sorts of advance technologies and services that have been adopted for the use of helping the physically and mentally challenged. My friend was deaf and used relay services just fine to communicate, so its a dirty move for them to try and use the mentally and physically challenged as pawns for profit.

If its so important to them, hows about they take a page out of Google's book and provide faster internet (like Google Fiber) specifically for those with specific challenges?

Hows about they discount their freaking internet so that they can get the fastest speeds at a rate that can be paid within the realm of their monthly income? Better yet, give it to them free if its so important, but I hope that you know like we know... that money is the motivation. On top of that, wouldn't this have been one of the initial arguments to kill free & open internet?

Free & Open internet is not a hardware or software that prevents a company from providing faster internet, internet has been hindered for a reason.

All these companies are doing is proving that the internet could've been faster through existing connections all along. If we could access websites faster, it should've happened already... regardless of free & open internet.

They are big companies because people are paying to keep their greedy butts afloat. If there is a legit internet service provider out there with the objective of simply providing good internet without an agenda to crap on everyone (and refuses to sell to anyone)... may they take the lions share of customers in the U.S. because some companies don't seem to understand until there is the risk that their doors will close for good.  

You can reach out to these Congressional Lawmakers also:

PS- For those that feel ISPs should be able to have their way when it comes to the internet... even though they are providing service that almost become worthless when quality is downgraded for the sake of them profiting from internet companies (who likely pay for some sort of service themselves), save those comments for posts that are pro-killing of free & open internet (which won't be seen on Nintendo-Demand).

To hell with their profit margins being increased on that end, because if we can barely access the websites we use the internet for... then that would ultimately screw the greedy ISP in the long run also because what good would the internet be at that point (through their service at least)?

Microsoft couldn't play with gamers, they are singing a different tune now (regardless of who defended their BS), and more companies need to understand that optional services and purchases rely on our decision to invest. Trying to piss on someone one is one helluva risk... that deserves something far from an award (unless its the Worst Company award).

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