Bring midwifery care to Williams Lake, BC.

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I’m writing as both a passionate advocate for midwifery as well as a concerned resident of Williams Lake, BC. 

The labor and delivery unit of our local hospital is temporarily but indefinitely unavailable for deliveries due to a shortage of staff.

  The closest L&D is 2-3 hours plus away from us as well as from the surrounding communities.  Our community is increasingly and understandably anxious that the lack of such an important facility is going to pose potential emotional and physical stresses on pregnant women and their families. The inability to reach L&D quickly when most needed (early labor, emergency C-Sections, etc…) due to sheer geographical distance is very real at this point and with no definitive date to reinstate the L&D unit, we are now looking for your support in implementing a much desired midwifery service to our area.

On a personal note I believe midwifery is an amazing and invaluable service that allows women to experience pregnancy and labor as a natural and normal process.  While traditional hospital settings certainly serve an important purpose midwifery practices play such a crucial role in treating birth as not only a medical procedure but also as a full emotional, physiological, mental and spiritual experience.  It is my personal dream for all women to have access to this type of service and now, more than ever, I am highly motivated to see that this happens in our city, especially given the circumstances we are in. 

At this time BC Midwives do not reach our area. I would like to change that! Not only do we want them here to inspire yet another birth, another woman and another family--we need them.

Please take the time to support bringing midwifery care to our rural communities: