Midvaal Municipality continues to ignore its residents.

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The background: - Changes to the Municipal Property Rates Act, Act 6 of 2004 As Amended

will force your municipality to implement the act. They will claim that it is a national thing and they are right what they don’t tell you is the ability that they have in implementing the change. For small holding and plots you will lose your 75% rebate. My valuation on the property has increased 34% in a declining economy and my overall Municipal rate increased 110%. The municipality has the freedom to adjust the cents in the rand or declare special dispensation areas. They chose not to. They increase the rate but offer zero additional service delivery, title deed change or by law changes. So everything remains the same but you get a 110% increase in your rate. Again more money for your municipality but zero increase in services.

We have started a Money Matters Caucus to drive a national agenda. Each area will remain totally independent but we will compare notes and drive a national agenda. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone that feels as though they do not have a voice. I please need you to contact mrubenstein54@gmail.com so that we may compare notes and discuss very definitive strategies.   

We are following up on a Land Expropriation case in Johannesburg municipality.  We also find that the SAPS do not understand their role in Land Expropriation and with the backing of and regular discussion with the COPE president Mosiuoa Lekota we are forcing the SAPS to follow up on trespassing changes before the PIE and ESTA acts come into effect resulting in long court battles.

It requires that we stand together as a community, that we stand together as South Africa. We have access to individuals in parliament that are willing to make the change.

The money matters caucus is set up to ensure that we hold ANY AND ALL political parties in power in ANY AND ALL municipalities IN THE COUNTRY ACCOUNTABLE TO THE RESIDENTS of that community. More often than not we vote a political party into power and we become their subjects asking for permission to speak and guess what the municipality just does not listen. We find they DO NOT follow the implementation of the legislation as shown when Tswane Money Matters Caucus took the Tswane Municipality on legally and won the case.  NO MORE, LETS STAND TOGETHER.