Unreasonable property rates in Savanna City (mortgage section)

Unreasonable property rates in Savanna City (mortgage section)

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Savanna City Community started this petition to Midvaal Municipality

Frustrated Savanna City residents started a petition in September 2019 against the Midvaal Municipality citing "unreasonable" property rates. Bond holders claim that approximately 95% of Savanna City residents cannot afford the current property rates. According to residents Savanna City was intended to house low income bracket families, however the Midvaal Municipality has been using estimates, imposing unnecessarily high property rates ever since and suspending water in cases of unpaid services.

The petition cites rates as "unnecessarily high. Most of the households are in arrears and residents are starting to adopt a non payment culture and tempering with water meters because the residents cannot keep up with the current rates" The residents have turned to Change.org targeting 602 signatures to being a message to the local Municipality's attention.

According to Vilakazi, a long time resident of Savanna City. " There is barely any progress in the area. There is still  no government school that was promised to the community, instead a private school that does not benefit the community was recently built and the majority of parents cannot afford the fees. Most of our children attend school outside Savanna City"

"Five years after the development of Savanna City, the community is still faced with daily frustrations because every basic amenity is a driving distance away. Neighboring townships have all the basic amenities and yet they pay far less property rates than Savanna City residents. We are not refusing to pay, however it would fair and just to be charged accordingly " added Vilakazi in his appeal for supporting the move.

As it is reported by resident's comments on the petition:

There is no health clinic, the mobile clinic comes only once a week.
There is no police station, no police visibility, car hijackings are extremely high.
Public transport is insufficient.
The prepaid electricity sliding scale rate is too high.
There is no shopping center around.
The area is located not far from a landfill site. The area surrounded by livestock farms and flies are an endless sight during hot summer days. A foul smell coming from livestock excretions is always in the air, especially after heavy storms and rains.

The residents are pleading with the Midvaal Municipality to do away with estimates and the sliding scale system. In addition, to reconsider the following tariffs and interests rates for cancellation:

Warning notices charges
Interest on all arrears (admin, sew,ref,sundries)
Improved street charges (residents do not see the necessity)
Additional sewer charges.
Residents are requesting the the delayed project of prepaid water meters to be implemented in all outstanding extensions and future extensions the soonest. 

Frustrated residents of Savanna City

(mortgage section)



0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
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