SAVE THIS PATH! Protect the historic Roslin Village Core Path Network

SAVE THIS PATH! Protect the historic Roslin Village Core Path Network

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On 2nd April 2019, the Planning Committee of the Midlothian Council will consider applications from the University of Edinburgh and BDW Trading Ltd to grant planning permission in principle for several hundred new homes in the historic village of Roslin.  
At present, masterplans for both these applications show a new road to cross over a much-loved Core Path (No. 29 on the Council’s path network list) with links to local communities for pedestrians, cyclists and all other off-road users.  This route was recently upgraded at considerable expense and funded by Sustrans and Transport Scotland.  If planning permission is granted, this path would now face years of traffic flow from the hundreds of new homes to be constructed.   Local families, cyclists and dog walkers would all have their use of this currently pleasant, peaceful and traffic-free zone interrupted by this road crossing with the priority changed from the path users to cars and vehicles. The section of road crossing the path will extend to a length of straight road nearly 300 metres long, creating an environment where vehicles would be encouraged to speed.  Other walking routes on the outskirts of the village are adjacent to busy roads with poor lighting, inadequate pavements and speeding traffic.

New residential developments are being created across Edinburgh and the Lothians at an unprecedented rate.  In some cases there is a joined up approach, taking care to ensure new homes and their access routes are sympathetic to existing residential areas and local infrastructure.

Unfortunately, our village of Roslin is subject to an uncoordinated approach by Midlothian Council, with no consideration given to the impact on already congested local infrastructure. The Council has already sold the section of Core Path 29 to allow the crossing of it by the proposed road and there are serious questions over whether proper procedure has been followed by the Council to sell this land to the University as part of a private land sale.

We acknowledge new homes must go somewhere and we look forward to welcoming the new residents into the Roslin family in coming years. However, we are opposed to the piece-meal way in which Midlothian Council has approached these planning applications by allowing the developers to submit their own plans.   It seems they will be rubber-stamping these individual development plans which disregard local feelings and concerns.  Furthermore, there are implications on the personal safety of local residents and visitors, as well as our continued enjoyment of the local area.

The Core Path is a valued community asset which should be retained in its present traffic-free state, as supported by the Council’s own planning policy on the Green Network, its draft Active Travel Strategy and by national Transport and Planning Policy.

We urge local residents and visitors to Roslin to support our cause in opposing these plans and would ask you to sign this petition below.