Stop the Midlothian Cuts

Stop the Midlothian Cuts

544 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!

Why this petition matters

This petition is aimed at individuals, groups and organisations in Midlothian who are against the proposed cuts from Midlothian Council which will have a devastating impact on local charities, community groups and voluntary organisations to support all Midlothian communities. 

The cuts will affect our most vulnerable residents, particularly the elderly and young, in a cost-of-living crisis where many people are already facing high food and energy bills. 

The proposed budget cuts include:


·         end of funding grants to community transport – directly impacts older and disabled people who will not be able to go out shopping, make hospital and GP appointments or get to groups (which help to keep them mentally well - leading to more social isolation/depression/dementia).


·         100% cut to large and small grants funding for the charity groups who provide services such as after school clubs, children’s outdoor play sessions, counselling services for young people, community cafés, food banks, benefits advice, gardening projects, mental health groups, support for disabilities and much more. 


·         £500k cut to commissioned services, this means that the extra services that schools buy in such as, children’s centres, family support and play therapy particularly affecting people with children. 



We have until the next council meeting on the 21st February 2023 to make our voices heard, signing this petition is one way you can do that to say that you disagree with such drastic cuts to communities. 


As well as signing this petition, other things you can do are:


Use the hashtag #CareDontCut when using social media

Use your social media and share posts about the cuts


Lobby your local MSP and MP 

544 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!