Stop Hillcrest Village

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I am disappointed to say that the Planning and Zoning commission ignored the residents of Hillcrest Acres and the surrounding areas and voted for approval of the rezoning from single to multi-family. This is not a done deal. It will still require a super majority vote from the City Council. The super majority is needed due to the more than 100 letters of opposition. That would mean 6 out of 7 council members would have to vote in favor.

I am going to be brutally honest. Stopping the Hillcrest Village apartment complex is going to be a massive uphill battle but I'm not going to give up until they start construction.

The current District Four representative ignored the will of the people he was supposed to be accountable to and approved class A, luxury apartments. He can't argue the nonprofit, first responder angle on that project. His congressional bid means that he had to leave his position early. Right now, District Four has no representation. I implored the City Council on Tuesday, November 19th, to hold off on this agenda item until the new representative takes office in January. Now, I am not sure that was the right move. I wish I could believe that these specific residents will be represented come January, but I'm not optimistic after that council meeting.

I realize that there is pressure on the city to bring in affordable housing. Doing that at the cost of this neighborhood is wrong. Per my understanding of what was said in the Planning and Zoning meeting by those in charge of this project, the apartments would be open to anyone. Teachers, first responders, and medical staff would be given a lower rate while others would pay above market value. I haven’t seen that mention in any of their propaganda.  

What about our service industry? Two people working full-time, making $12 an hour, make less than one first year teacher. Do they not matter? Are they not an integral part of our community?

The Midland Community Development Corporation purchased this land in 2016 knowing full well that the previous owner's attempt to build apartments was strongly opposed by the neighborhood. Of course, that was just one person. These residents are now battling against a large group who doesn’t care about them, only about making themselves look good. I'm tired of projects being presented as "good for the community" and then crammed down homeowners' throats by people who won't be effected.

One of the justifications is that this project will be a net positive for the community. I suppose it is okay to say to heck with these residents for the good of potential future residents who we assume are excited to live in government apartments that they will never be able to invest in and build equity in.

If you live anywhere near an empty lot you might want to prepare yourself because your neighborhood could be next. Even if this isn't your neighborhood, please stand with these residents.

Please stand with these homeowners by signing and sharing this petition. I can confidently say they would stand by other neighborhoods if asked.