First Responder

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This change would create a faster response time for Midland county. The average response time for a county Medical Call and Motor Vehicle Accidents is 15- 25 Minutes.  First Responder status for Northeast Midland County Volunteer Fire/ EMS, would put trained EMS personnel and Certified Extrication Techs on scene    in half the time. Our goal is for our community  is to help improve the outcome of life in a Emergent situation. The difference in time is the difference between life and death!                         

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For anyone who has questions about our petition here is what you need to know.

We are not wanting to take over first responder responsibilities from the City Department. We are not trying to take their place. We are wanting to work in conjunction with the city to help out our community. When there is a medical emergency or maybe a wreck in our Designated Response Area, we would like to be called out at the same time as the city to be able to help. If we could get arrive on scene before the city and start to stabilize the patient or stabilize a vehicle for extrication at a crash site that would be very beneficial to the people involved.

Our EMS personnel have the same training and certifications as the City Department. There is a misconception that volunteers do not have the same training and certifications that City Departments have. All EMS certifications are earned the same way. The Class room, skills and testing are all the same. This also applies to Fire Fighter Certifications.

Right now we are focusing on becoming first responders for our response area. East of Fairgrounds and north of 307 all the way to the county line. We have a good size population as well as Highway 80, Interstate 20 and Parts of Loop 250. We are just wanting to help our community and the city.

We will be sending a group of our volunteers with a hard copy of the petition door to door in our response area to try and get signatures as well as answer any questions the citizens have.

If you have any questions or concerns about our petition or about our department in general, you can always message us or give us a call and we would be glad to help!