Petition to Middletown Township on Behalf of the Market at Styer Orchard

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From the children of David and Sharon Barberides (Owners of The Market at Styer Orchard)

We have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of support for our family, business, the employees, and their families. Many of you inquired how to best support those impacted moving forward. After much discussion regarding the recent decision made by the Township regarding our business, we have determined that there are 3 things we would like to request from the Middletown Township Board of Supervisors. 

1. We were told we had 30 days to liquidate the entire business. This is nearly impossible for a business of this magnitude. It is abundantly clear that the Field family and the township do not comprehend the logistics of running a business and closing a business. We request a minimum of 90 days to close out our affairs and leave the business.

2. It is only right that the township and/or the Field's provide financial compensation at fair market value for the sale of the business, which is no longer possible. Small business owners generally don't have large enough profit margins to collect for their retirement years in advance and depend on the sale of their business to provide their retirement. 

3. We would also like financial compensation for the loyal store employees so that they do not experience any loss of livelihood during the transition period. Many of these employees have worked here for years, and need the income during these difficult times. 

Thank you for standing with us.

For full details of the situation, our official statement, and proposal please go to the Market at Styer's Facebook Page.