Open discussions on a joint Newport-Middletown High School

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We request that the Middletown Town Council listen and respond to the will of the community and not shut down the discussion around a joint Newport-Middletown High School.  The council needs to do its job and engage in a discovery discussion with Newport and the state to better understand the options, opportunity, funding and implications from a new joint school.  Opening a discovery discussion is non-binding and there is no good reason to not further evaluate the opportunity we have to modernize and improve our educational opportunities and outcomes for the children in our community.  This step is to gather facts and inform the citizens of both communities of those facts to then make a decision on what is best for the community.  Making a short sighted and closed minded decision to cut off further discussion is unacceptable by our elected leaders.  Decisions should be made on facts and those facts should be shared with the community to then support or deny.  Please respect the Middletown citizens that are requesting further discussion to gather more facts to then make an informed decision by all.