Stop the Fair View Crematorium

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Fair View Cemetery wants to build a dangerous and risky crematorium in Middletown, NJ along Oak Hill Road. This proposal, if allowed to be built, will be surrounded by neighborhoods of children, soccer fields, four public schools, and a historical nature preserve. 

If built, this crematorium poses a serious health risk to the children and pregnant women of Middletown, as well as the sensitive wetlands of the Navesink River Watershed. Crematoriums release numerous toxins and pollutants into the air, including Mercury, dioxins such as TCDD, hydrochloric acid, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide. These chemicals are released into the air, carried by the wind and drop onto the surrounding lands and waterways.

Over time, repeated exposure to these chemicals can cause serious health concerns for the brain, kidneys and lungs and have been linked to cancer. There is also an increased risk of stillbirths and the life threatening brain abnormality anencephalus when pregnant mothers live near a crematoria. 

Additionally, the building of this crematorium will result in declined quality of life as loud noises and noxious fumes are emitted from the building, and a decline in our property values. This crematorium will provide no economic benefit to the community and will be just another example of over-development in Middletown. 

This dangerous and risky proposal will be in front of the Middletown Planning Board for approval shortly. Please sign the petition to let the Planning Board know that this proposal is not wanted as it will be surrounded by children, neighborhoods, playgrounds and schools! A copy will also be delivered to the Middletown Township Committee, the governing body that appoints all members to the Planning Board and is responsible for the town's Master Plan. The Township Committee is accountable for constituent relationships and outreach and this proposal will provide no positive benefits to our community.