Protect the Greenspace around the Bluebell Beck against housing development

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We the undersigned object to the local plan proposal to build 115 new houses on Newfield Crescent and ANY building on greenspace connected to the Bluebell Beck community space from Mandale to Low Lane. The wishbone of the two becks. This is a well loved, much used area of Middlesbrough and provides an escape to all from a busy often hectic life in Middlesbrough.

  • Wildlife will be negatively disrupted, loss of public amenity, loss of trees and this town has far too few.
  • Loss of CO2 hungry plants that produce oxygen for us and lock in carbon. Helping Middlesbrough achieve its goal of one planet living.
  • Loss of the meadow will discourage a new influx of people to come live in the town.
  • It is as area badly needed to combat the rise of mental health issues and stress related illness moving forward through the 21st century.
  • It will spoil the balance of the area between nature and development meaning that the leisure access and enjoyment of Middlesbrough residents will be negatively impacted.

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