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Our website is an iconic website meant to be the student home of our school. But because we have our middle school's number in our name they're trying to ban us. But we don't go down easy.

This undermines our right to freedom of speech.  According to the American Civil Liberties Union, students have the “guarantee of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. It protects what you say, what you write, and your right to meet freely with other people in clubs, organizations, rallies, and demonstrations.” even in school. On school grounds the school may only limit the freedom of speech if what is being said provides a “substantial disruption” or is a “true threat”.


Our website isn’t a threat or a disruption. Our website is 54Now. It is meant as an alternative and more accessible version of a school newspaper or website. It in no way undermines the school. In fact we are willing to give you a say in the content on the website. In fact, if you find that anything on the website in some way is providing disruption, a threat, or is against the school, we are more than willing to take it down. But there is no law anywhere whatsoever against us mentioning the school on a website. Even on school grounds. We have the constitutional right to do so. Our website is meant to find a way for students to learn more about what’s happening in the school, and the world, in an easier way. We are asking you to understand. That we have the right. And we’re letting you have a say in the content. We even have a password only school students know. But we don’t want to change the name, or get rid of the content about the school. It is the essential part of the website. We have a petition about it online at, if your interested.


Hear us out. Defend our rights. We’ll give you a say, but you have to give a say to us. We have students behind us. We have teachers behind us. We have parents behind us. We have the law behind us. So please, let us continue our website the way it is.

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