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Currently MEA & AirFrance have 3 flight from Paris to Beirut daily:

ME206 Operated by Airfrance 
09:00 Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
14:10 Rafic Hariri International (BEY)

10:00 Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
15:20 Rafic Hariri International (BEY)

13:40 Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
18:55 Rafic Hariri International (BEY)

What does this mean for both people living in Paris and Lebanese tourists visiting Paris?
. If you work in Paris and you're going to Beirut for vacation you would either need to take a day off to catch a flight or you lose a vacation day.
. If you're in Paris for vacation and you're going back to Beirut on a Sunday because you have work on Monday you wont be able to enjoy your last day in Paris. 

In both cases you lose! 

So I would like to propose to MEA (or MEA operated by AF) the following:

Option A: Remove either the 9 or 10 am flight (what's the point of having 2 flights to Beirut so close to each other?!) and move it to 9pm ..

Option B: On certain days of the week (like Thursday / Friday and Sunday) have 9pm flight  

If you would be interested in a evening/ night flight to Beirut please sign and share the petition!

Thank you  

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