Stop the Gypsy site development at Copthorne

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Pot Common lies at the junction of Old Hollow and the Copthorne Road. Mid Sussex District Council have proposed to divide this site into two gypsy and traveller sites, one for use by the current owner consisting of 3 pitches and one for the gypsy and traveller community consisting of 10 pitches.

The site is in a poor state due to previous illegal use and is currently under an enforcement notice that the council have not pursued. Instead the council have “encouraged” the owner to put the land forward for a gypsy and traveller site.

The site is in a rural location and any development would be incompatible with the surrounding area. It has not been included in any district or local plans and has been acquired via questionable means. There is no way that this site is suitable for the intended use and is being pushed because of council politics and not for the benefit of the gypsy and traveller community or indeed the local community.

There is no doubt that if this application had been put forward by any other candidate other than the council itself it would be refused.

They are proposing to turn this rural site into a densely populated site, which will destroy the appearance of the area and endanger the safety of prospective residents and the local community.

We ask that these proposals be withdrawn and that Pot Common be returned to its natural rural state for the benefit of the local community.