See the Jacaranda Estate open again!

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The beautiful Jacaranda Estate, located a short walk from the Wingham main Street, Wingham brush and the beautiful water was sadly shut down by the Council! This place got it's beautiful name from the two big Jacaranda trees out the front gate. Quoted by their internet page "Since opening the cellar door, Jacaranda Estate has quickly become one of the top things to do in Wingham and the Manning Valley." But now with the government shutting them down they have not only stopped the locals from enjoying a beautiful family ran business but has stopped people coming to visit this beautiful old town. With people stop traveling to come see us, not only will the Jacaranda Estate be shut down but other local stores. Many people loved this beautiful winery here are just some of the reviews:

"Absolutely loved this place!" -J

"Good drinks, nice tasty simple menu and great location" - unknown 

"Lovely people, great choice of non alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Beautiful walk to the water." -AC 

With this petition I aim to gain enough signatures to take to the local Council to not only open this winery again but to give the man who's hole heart and soul has been put into the thing you can see he loves doing. 

A signature only takes a few moments to write down to give this beautiful town one of it's most famous attractions back.