Mosquito control program in Coomba Park and surrounds

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Mid Coast Council to start a mosquito control program in the Coomba Park area and surrounds

With heavy rainfall within the last few months our area has noticed a massive number of mosquitoes around. With no mosquito control program in place we can expect the problem to only get worse.
This is affecting the residents rather severely. With many outdoor activities to do, our local playground, barbecue facilities and walking tracks have been deserted for weeks. Our community is unable to leave the house. Our children have been stuck indoors way more than we would like considering it’s perfect weather outside. Using repellents give us minimal to no protection. We are covered in terrible bites that can also turn to impetigo quite easily especially in children that are unable to stop the urge to itch. We spend much of the night scratching and checking the house is clear of these pests. We get out of the car and dash inside. Our animals aren’t been walked daily anymore. It is not good for mental health or our health in general.
As we all know mosquitoes carry diseases that can be passed on to humans. Most common ones in Australia are Dengue Fever and Ross River Fever. Animals are also at risk of contracting diseases such as arbovirus in horses and heart worm in dogs. While immunising can help it does not illuminate the issue at hand.. But we are able to minimise the problem dramatically by spraying the breeding grounds and killing off the larvae. Is it the obligatory duty of the council to foresee an action plan. The results have been astounding within many other councils that have done so. We wish Mid Coast council would address the issue and spray the area immediately before more problems arise from this. I invite everyone that agrees with this to sign the petition below so we can finally be free to enjoy the beautiful area which we live in. I will need a minimum of 1000 signatures to approach the council and set a meeting.