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What is DOOM 4?

   DOOM 4 was going to be a modern video game sequel to the the most remarkable classic shooter IP developed by the studio id Software under the publishing of Bethesda/Zenimax Media Inc. This project was planned to be a reimagining of DOOM II: Hell on Earth through many of its major design aspects and featuring "shotguns" and "demons." This version of DOOM uses id Software's proprietary Id Tech 5 engine that was used on its sibling title known as RAGE. As id co-founder John Carmack stated, DOOM 4 also featured code enhancements, implementation of the Unicode super script, and was going to be three times graphically improved in comparison to 2011 id Software's RAGE, sacrificing half of the framerates for the two competing 7th gen consoles. Its multi-million dollar budget production and its announcement was stated by the former id CEO Todd Hollenshead in 2008. The initial development and its concluded direction began around May 2008 dividing the studio in half for RAGE and DOOM 4, then the original project was later cancelled by Bethesda's management between August 2011 to 2012 due to mismanagement, slow progress, external studio contracts, game designer layoffs and Bethesda's insufficient expected sales made from RAGE. This DOOM project was later reorganized and repurposed for the successfully released DOOM (2016) that stepped the right direction for interpreting a "love letter" to the classic genre and enlightened the future of the DOOM franchise allowing fans and new players to recognize and rejoice its history and legacy interpreting its iconic action packed gameplay. I thank a lot for the creators of DOOM 2016 (Kevin Cloud, Marty Straton and Hugo Martin) for making the righteous decision to restart fresh which resulted the best thing that happened on their careers.

Why do we want the DOOM 4 prototype build to be released?

   Historically speaking, it is understandable how tough a cancelled project couldn't work out as intended and former developers try to forget the amazing things they wanted to implement in such ground breaking project like this one particularly for the sake of popularity and testing out new things that a DOOM game didn't experiment years before. Adding heavily scripted elements, modern gameplay combat aspects and a focused on story with pre-rendered photorealistic cinematics, uninteresting galleries of shooting demons seems like a travesty for a very well known classic shooter, and I know how hard it is to not come out with anything that makes DOOM to develop back its original personality. As a long time DOOM fan, This 9 year old canceled project does not deserve to be forgotten anymore and I would have liked it as much as I love RAGE when I was just 12 years old. My very first DOOM game I ever played was DOOM II: Hell on Earth at a very early age on a old late 90s computer. This cancelled project intrigues me much feeling to wish trying it out. Once the portfolio leaks that belonged to an environmental artist back on early 2012, I really seemed curious and excited how this "new" DOOM game was going to play out. I like how the art and the catastrophic hellish environment invades our beloved buildings and monuments from our real world situated at the city of New York.

   Since I am assuming that this is the last DOOM game that the co-founder John Carmack ever produced that resulted to be canceled, then I want to experience in-game how this remarkable computer scientist and programmer envisioned his last graphical techniques that were added in this Hell on Earth version of DOOM. I also found out that the project features superscripted visual effects and lightning on the environment with no huge impact on performance as commented by the man himself. I want to try how this sync-melee combat mechanic wanted to play out on the average enemies like the possessed human receiving the final blow by stabbing the hooded zombie-man on the neck and playing as just a tenacious average human fighting for survival and trying to purge the global hellish invasion of hades alongside supporting characters you have to interact in the cancelled game. I file a petition with many DOOM fans signing to play the cancelled prototype of the game for entertainment and unveiling its obscure compilation of work and time developed into this project that was never seen by the public. This project is a source of material created by many former id Software interns, concept artists, designers, developers and programmers, and they should be allowed to document their work they put their own sweat into it while the true DOOM fans contemplate what the developers
tried to accomplish interpreting the reimagining of DOOM II: Hell on Earth on its late pre-alpha status.

Release DOOM 4 (1.0) on Steam!

   In order to facilitate access to try the cancelled prototype, I can suggest that the Pre-Alpha build should be released to Steam for free or with a price added to it (if necessary!). It is okay if it can be sold for a limited time, but I will be aware of this once id, Bethesda or Microsoft allow this to happen to try the prototype that made DOOM (2016) and DOOM Eternal the most impactful and fun games from this generation of gaming. (I also believe that DOOM Eternal deserved to win the Game of The Year at the Game Awards.) The new DOOM games impacted a lot the gaming industry and indie development. There are so many fan projects out there inspired by your work like Prodeus, Postal: No Regerts, GRAVEN, Brutal Fate, WRATH: Aeon of Ruin, Fallen Aces and DUSK. This all happened because of the DOOM 4 prototype and its lessons learned from it to create inspirations on action gameplay coming back to our senses. It's time for the DOOM 4 prototype to be played by every id/DOOM fan to learn more behind the id technology, the true history of its development and documentation. It's already a fact that Steam still contains stored files from the build and you can find it under the name of "DOOM 4" at its SteamDB website.

   The cancelled game is stated as playable under a Pre-Alpha stage and I have a supporting evidence documented by a former developer of the project:

What else is lost?

   There are many subjects to talk about the infamous DOOM game, and I'd like those progressed materials to be released with no remorse and hate from the fans surrounding to those developers who contributed with the creation of DOOM 4. It's been 9 years already and things have changed in the gaming industry now. I want to request id software and Zenimax Media Inc. To let developers use their stored work at DOOM 4 for portfolio purposes and increasing the chances to rebuild the big fraction of the original DOOM 4's development and when it immediately shifted to DOOM (2016). One of those rolling shifts was the also-canceled DOOM 4 multiplayer build under the name of ZION that was designed by developers who assisted for less than a year contributing it from 2010 to 2012. I also rescued the soundtracks that Mick Gordon made to interpret the "Hell on Earth" feel of the project, several concept arts, 3D model and prop screenshots created by others involved at id, and the portion of the cinematics from the lead cinematic/storyboard director who was forced to throw away all of his pre-rendered cinematic work for the game due to fears of being threatened by the DOOM fans right after the DOOM E3 2015 official trailer dropped. As for last, we still don't know how the story of DOOM 4 was going to play out based on the lost scripts from the long gone prize-winning fantasy author Graham Joyce. Everything commented here are the things that were lost during the DOOM 4's development and they deserve to be surfaced out of obscurity and respecting the real history of the DOOM franchise and what made the new games great to impact the giant fanbase we currently have.

What happens if we don't reach anywhere with this fan petition?

   All we have to do is sign and pray for the project build to be released. If we succeed with hundreds of signatures, then I will do everything I can to voice and communicate to every connection related to the gaming industry out there and your anonymous contribution to make this happen. I also accept help from volunteers and the DOOM fans who are on my side and want to expect to play the internally forbidden "Hell on Earth" DOOM project at my online archived information and
material I have gathered.

   If we don't succeed, me and the signed supporters will understand that some things cannot be brought back, but it doesn't mean it will stop me from keep archiving material from this last DOOM game I want to play before I die and this is the way I feel admirable of myself as a die-hard fan.

Thank you for listening!

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   It would be really nice if Zenimax could pull a SEGA when they released the Golden Axe prototype on Steam!


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