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Xbox Polls

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Xbox Polls or Xbox Focus Point

Add Xbox "Polls" to the dashboard as an easy way for gamers to vote on the most popular ideas from "Xbox Idea Hub", to make the best-voted idea a focus point (Players don't make the Polls, only Microsoft (Xbox) or Game Studios can submit for a poll for feedback). This will bring not only power to the console but to the players. Poll examples.

A "Poll" of what game genre would you like to see us invest more time in, "FPS: First Person Shooters, RTS: Real-Time Strategy, RPG: Role Playing Games, MMOs, Etc," while displaying how many voted for each category. This doesn't mean it will happen. It only gives feedback on where they can put more focus into.

A "Poll" from each "Game Studios" asking the fans about similar things. This would also eliminate the wonder if certain studios should "Remaster, Reboot, Continue, Add (DLC) or Not interested" current/older games titles. This doesn't mean what was most voted for will happen. It only means the company wants feedback and cares to connect with their fans, by giving you a voice.

Even a "Would you like to see this game on game pass?" 

Why would someone vote on a poll when they can go to the website to leave feedback when requested by the studio?

Answer - You should be able to do both but the reason to have polls on the Xbox is, so the feedback has a higher chance of being noticed and voted on by the MILLIONS of users. Anyone could be a part of the experience by feeling involved in the community with only one click of a button on the Xbox dashboard.

What about users that could cheat by voting on the poll, using multiple accounts?

Answer - Who's to say users don't already do this when feedback is requested by the studio website.If someone uses multiple profiles to vote on something they want to happen, I’m sure you can make it so the profile has to have Xbox Live or Xbox Ultimate giving you more than just gaming. Who’s gonna wanna pay $15 an account just to get extra votes and if they do, more money for Microsoft Xbox.

What happens if no one or very few votes?

Answer - I imagine they would get a good answer as no one is interested at this current time or wanting the game/idea. This doesn’t mean they won’t continue anyway, sometimes you gotta take that leap of faith to succeed.

What if you vote for something and it never happens? 

Answer - This can happen and currently does happen. Companies lose interest, funding or time to complete games all the time. Even video-game giants such as Rockstar have canceled games in the making that were majorly requested. A poll is just an easier approach to capture the attention of MILLIONS, all at the click of a button on your console.

The reason why “Xbox Idea Hub” is broken is that it takes you away from Xbox and over to “Reddit Request”. What’s wrong with Reddit? Say you wanna blog or video blog about the idea you created or just learned about. You have a fan base of followers that watch and read everything you post. Getting excited? Don’t! Reddit will BAN or SUSPEND if you are voted on too much. Overall it will still be up to the user's choice to vote but this could easily be fixed on Xbox. Only gold or ultimate members can vote.

The important thing to remember is that Players DO NOT create the “Polls” or list what should be on them. Microsoft Xbox & Game Studios, submit the poll they want the most feedback in.

On the plus, this will bring more power not only to the console but to the players. Giving you a voice, while feeling involved in what can/might happen.

If you're interested and enjoy this idea, give a sign at your free will and even leave a comment if you would like. This is not a TM idea, so if you wanna share it with the world please do. My only goal is to make this happen. Dived we will fall, United we will succeed.

Please do not donate, not here for that at all. It's just something the site ask for. This is all non profit, share it with anyone. Reword it however you want, steal it, tweet it, video blog it.

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