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Xbox One: Kinect/Used Games/ Offline Gaming Change


1) I sure as hell don't want xbox reading/scanning/listening in my home when i am unaware.
2) I like having the freedom to unplug such a device when i want to and not be required to use it at all times
3) Scanning my emotions? Proposing ads based on this... user statistics... reporting back to Microsoft? These are all ridiculous.

Used Games:
1) Are you really wanting to repay a company like Gamestop that has helped add revenue to your quarterly earnings by putting them out of business?
2) Can we really not eject a game and take it to a friends house and just play for the night without paying a fee?
3) When we purchase we no longer have the ability to resell something that we invested in?

Always online:
1) obvious .. are you going to alienate anyone who lives in a rural area and does not have broadband capabilities?
2) What about soldiers serving in the military.. do they always have access to a network? I would think probably not.
3) What other features will not work if i don't have online access? blu rays..?

Microsoft unless you want a boycott or a bunch of people to invest their money into Playstation you better change before release.

You already have us bend over for Xbox live monthly subscription, DLC content (that makes a 60 dollar game turn into a 100 dollar game), hundreds of dollars spent on downloaded content on the xbox 360 that we can't transfer to the new console.

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