Windows 10 Update Creators Update Telemetry.

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Our, as a community, we have had a very shaky relationship with Microsoft. Windows 10's Privacy issues are beginning to become overly accurate. Microsoft claims that the information is NOT personally identifiable but oh lord is that bullshit.

They collect your IMEI from your Windows Phone which is most definitely personally identifiable.

The two options we have right now is Full Mode (100 percent of data collected including file names, executables, dmp's on crashes, network packets, keystrokes, searches and much more) and Basic Mode. Basic Mode still collects up to 90 percent of data.

The worst thing so far is: There is NO way to stop the data collection.

All of the previous privacy programs will not work as some ran off of registry keys that Microsoft now ignores.

If you are using Windows 10 on your System from surfing the web, doing confidential work from home, or doing anything such as Online Banking, these website visits are being sent to Microsoft.

We as a community need to push Microsoft into adding this option because I really don't want to sit here and delete executables from Sys32.

If you feel that this is an issue, please, sign and share this petition.

This is Microsoft thinking that they have the right to AT LEAST 90 PERCENT of your personal information.

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