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We want Microsoft Games Studio Creative Director, Adam Orth to step down!

Hello everyone, my name is Amit Dave and I am starting this petition, hoping Microsoft to SACK Adam Orth and hire a new creative games studio director to take control on Microsoft's future video games console development. This is regarding a worldwide problem with Xbox 720's DRM, (Digital Restrictions Management) requiring "always online" internet connected gameplay, meaning Xbox 720 won't run single-player games while appearing offline. Adam Orth has also banned used Xbox 720 pre-owned games.

I am deeply upset/angry with this news announcement and I do have a problem with it. It's not just me who has a problem with the director's decisions, but also the Xbox customers around the world are really concerned about this problem. Not many can afford fast broadband connection in some parts of the world and there are power-cuts occurring frequently in poorer countries along with natural disasters, this includes richer countries currently struggling difficult economic times.
Gamers have the right to play online or offline, depending on what option they choose when playing their desired games solo or multiplayer. Simple as that!
Gamers should not be forced into anything or what they are required in order to run something. Infact, Microsoft Games Studios should listen what gamers have to say if they do not like on what they have seen, read or heard about a specific product. However, Microsoft ignores feedback from angry customers via Adam Orth's own personal twitter account and in return, the director replies "deal with it" and also replies more insulting, stupid answers such as "Sorry, I don't get the drama around having an always-on console. Every device now uses always-on. That's the world we live in!"
Not exactly you dumbass! It is not necessary for every console to be always online connected to the internet. It clearly explains that Adam Orth does not care about it's customers, losing their trust, therefore he is damaging the company's confidence and reputation. I certainly and along with others backing my petition, do not want a Xbox 720 console that does not support offline gaming. Many gamers including me like to play games on their own, for better gaming experience and without disturbances from other online players messaging/sending a chat request while that gamer is trying to play their game, their way... in peace!
Online is only required when that gamer wants to play a multiplayer game with online friends and have fun...

To end this statement, I'm afraid my next-gen video games console will be Sony Playstation 4 because I have now lost trust in Microsoft. However, until Microsoft Games Studio and its director, do not sort this mess out in time, customers will switch over to PS4.
Sony has already won the battle console wars with their marvellous PS4 console that is recommended by them and for gamers to enjoy.

Sorry Microsoft, but I support the customer's needs and who are protesting against Adam Orth's DRM for Xbox 720. You guys are too expensive and Xbox 720 is not worth buying at all with my money or anybody else’s money.

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