VR Support for FS 2020 with Wide FoV

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The possibility of extending the realism of a simulation with VR Technology is massiv and growing. Many Company’s and Gamers like the chance to truly dive into the experience and get as close to reality as a simulation can.

Modern technology like the Pimax 8K X, Index, Reverb and other HMD‘s just like the Controllers of the Index and LightHouse Tracking as an example allow to get as real as it gets in a home grade simulation.

FS 2020s enhanced representation of the world is ideal for VFR and direct Cockpit interaction, which greatly improve from VR technology and the ability to truly sit in the plane and see in 3D.

I suggest Microsoft FS 2020 add focus on implementing VR and entailing technology‘ as an option to further enhance their experience, reach the next level of realism and also to support the development of this Technology in General.