The Relief of Jonathan Moore

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Section 1.

In this bill I propose legislation that a person in technology is never misdiagnosed due to the misunderstanding of or by physicians. That a person who is a college alumni or tests high on psychological tests or tests with a high IQ not go without procreation or startup funding if the university student has enough credits to be an alumni. That the alumni always has the equipment needed for his/her career. That heritage is earned not given to people through science such as decision-making stem cell projects. That people on social media and social websites be given university credit in there given field for the content they write or share articles about. That people of royal decedent or surnames in nobility peerage be given more financial and relationship security with the same nobility. They also deserve healthy good looking mates. Furthermore according to research I’ve conducted being smart does not help your chances to pass your genes on into the gene pool and this may be one reason why the human species is getting dumber. And lastly I believe there should be a class of nobility in the United States. Also the Virginia v. Loving is overturned. I cannot knowingly stand by and allow the heritage of great families of the world be ruined by promiscuous sexual endeavors knowing that medically and genetically it is heritage that makes a person live the longest. In most cases.

Section 2 .

The government agency that will oversee the enforcement of the bill would be. Departmental ethics office along with the specific enforcement by the church.


The indicated implementation is 12 months.

Section 4.

All laws in conflict with this legislation are hereby declared null and void.

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