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Killer Instinct NEEDS a new and better developer

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Killer Instinct's state of affairs:

Killer Instinct had a great beginning. Double Helix had something good going on, only for them to be purchased by Amazon, allowing Microsoft to replace them with Iron Galaxy - which only downgraded the game. Buggy/glitchy gameplay, generic content, cringy ultimate finishers unworthy of even being called ultimates and stiff/wonky character graphics/movements are only a few of a long list of downs about KI post-season 1 (most of these problems were either not there or very minimal when DH was in charge of the game's development).

Killer Instinct deserves a new and better development team! My suggestions would be either Amazon Game Studios AKA the former members of Double Helix, the ones who developed KI season 1 or Playtonic Games AKA the former members of RareWare, the original creators of Killer Instinct. I love KI and with your help, we can bring Killer Instinct back to it's glory, kick Iron Galaxy out and give this game the proper resurrection that it deserves. -Don't pay attention to any trolls attacking this petition. They're so hateful that they're trying to stop a harmless cause and pretend that it's otherwise. smh-

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